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  • Joy of Improv, Book 2 by Dave Frank

  • Joy of Improv, Book 2 - Completing the foundation. Lessons 27 through 52 further explore more advanced chord voicings, chord arranging techniques and more challenging blues and melodic lines. The accompanying enhanced CD is used in conjunction with the text and music as a listening and play-along tool. 96 pages Buy Joy of Improv Book 2 - Completing the Foundation [With CD Pack] on Amazon [...]
  • Joy of Improv, Book 1 by Dave Frank

  • This book/CD course on improvisation for all instruments and all styles will help players develop monster musical skills! Book One presents Lessons 1 through 26 of this unique instructional course that imparts a solid basis in technique, rhythm, chord theory, ear training and improv concepts. Covers: common chord voicings, basic chord progressions, the swing feel, and much more. The CD can be u[...]
  • Twisted Martini - free improvisation flow

  • "Twisted Martini" is a free improvisation flow performed on solo piano by Paweł Grudzień, inspired by Michael Godard's painting of the same name. Description of the painting from Michael Godard’s website: This image is a fun take on the Wizard of Oz. On the left side there is a huge twister and Dorothy is seen in her red slippers walking Toto on the yellow brick road. Underneath the traile[...]